COVID-19 Protocol


  • Masks are required to be worn at all times during the event, and while on the Prime F. Osborn Convention Center grounds
  • Contactless ticket scanners will be used at show entrances
  • Proper spacing will be used throughout the event venue to provide safe social distancing
  • Food and beverage will be provided in a non-contact manner (pre-packaged food)
  • All vehicles will be cleaned on a regular basis by exhibitors employing professional detailers
  • Ongoing bathroom cleaning with disinfectant, including all counters, mirrors, sinks, faucets and fixtures, toilet handles, and safety/support bars
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers placed throughout the venue and show floor
  • Prime F Osborn Convention Center regulations require no more than 3,200 attendees in the facility at any time
  • All state, city and convention center protocols will be observed
  • Please contact the PFOCC for additional policies and guidelines